We are only a few short weeks out from our cruise on the MSC Preziosa! A trip to Paris has been at the top of my travel bucket list for many years, and I’m finally so close to being there! The excitement is real, y’all! 😁

In today’s post, I’m showing you all the toiletries that I am taking on our cruise. Well, it’s really all the toiletries my husband and I are both taking. Why? Because we are going carry on only for this trip, and we are trying to consolidate as much as possible. This means that we are both packing in the same toiletry bag. After decanting the larger items into smaller containers, it’s not as hard as you might think!

The toiletry bag that I am taking is the eBags pack-it-flat toiletry case. I have had this bag for several years and I am always amazed at how much it can hold in a relatively small footprint.

My make up bag is just a small cosmetic case that I got as a free gift from Aveda. I’m also using TSA approved plastic liquids bags that I picked up from Amazon. The gusseted bottom helps them hold a lot more than your average Ziploc quart sized bag. They also come in a lot of fun colors to help you stay organized between family members.

If you want to see everything that I’m taking on our cruise, check out my video on YouTube (below) where I open all three bags and show it all! Thanks for watching!