If you remember when we went on our Mediterranean cruise last year and maybe you even watched my pack with me video, you know that I went carry on only with a backpack from Osprey. This year for our European adventure, we are again going to go carry on, but because of some back issues, I’m not able to use the backpack. So, I needed to get a carry on with wheels.

Last year, my husband and I took quite a few trips that were only a few days, so we packed together in one carry on. We used a black carry on piece from Calpak {similar} that I really love. However, there’s nothing that distinct about it. I am trying to make this trip as stress free as possible and searching for black luggage in baggage claim or in the sea of luggage after getting off a cruise doesn’t scream low stress to me! 😅

In today’s video, come along with me as I shop for a new piece of carry on luggage! See where I go, what I got, and some tips and tricks for picking out luggage for yourself!