Hello. My name is Jennifer, and I’m a Dollar Tree junkie.

I love stopping by the Dollar Tree and perusing the aisles for new items — especially things I can use on our next vacation. Sometimes, you can find some great travel necessities.  If they work, great! If they don’t work so great, use it on this trip and throw it away — heck, it only cost $1!  So, on a recent trip, I decided to show you some of the things that I own that I take on every cruise we go on!

Travel/Pill Containers

The three piece set of travel containers are my favorite for decanting toiletries — especially if you can catch a set with the spray pump bottle as the third container. Be on the look out for that set! It’s great.

I also quite like the pill containers at the Dollar Tree. I use them to corral smaller items like jewelry and to consolidate multiple medications into one container.  That truly cuts down on the amount of bulk when it comes to medications.


I love buying my travel medicines at the Dollar Tree, because more often than not, they are name brand medications that come in individual single dose packets. These are super handy to have in my travel emergency kit, especially when you’re on a cruise with limited access to medication. I’m not too keen on buying super inflated priced medicine in the ship’s gift shop or taking a ton of time out of my vacation to see the ship’s doctor for a runny nose or a headache.  Believe me.. I’ve been there.


These clips have come in handy too many times to count. They are great for securing a towel to your beach chair, holding the curtains together to keep the sun out when you want to catch an afternoon nap, or clipping wet bathing suits to dry on that clothesline in the shower.


I think this goes without an explanation. Snacks for $1? Something for everyone? Yes, please.  These especially come in handy if you’ve got a long plane or car ride to get to the port.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

These are a must for me for any vacation. Use them on the plane to wipe down your tray table and on the ship to wipe down your vanity area (and any other surfaces where germs like to hide — like the remote!).  I particularly like these individually wrapped versions to keep in my day bag for excursions and eating on the go.

Travel Toiletries

You might be surprised to find some of your favorite brands at the Dollar Tree in smaller, more travel friendly sizes. I especially like to pick up soap, deodorant, travel toothpaste and extra toothbrushes here.

Water Bottles

The crafter in me likes to get these to personalize for each specific trip. The procrastinator in me has never actually completed said craft before it was time to go.  But, in theory, I still think it’s a pretty good idea.

Quart Size Bags

Eight quart size (TSA approved) name brand storage bags for $1. In my area, that’s still cheaper than any big box discount store. I like to have a few of these bags in different sizes (quart, gallon, sandwich, snack) at all times.  They come in super handy for all sorts of things!

Laundry/Storage Bags

I have used both these laundry bags and the storage bags (in XL or L) to bring home laundry.  I just keep them folded up small in the nooks and crannies of our suitcase until we need one. Both have worked extremely well — no complaints!

Puzzle Books

It’s always nice to have one of these puzzle books to use while relaxing on your balcony or winding down after an exciting evening. Soduku is definitely my favorite!

I also noticed these waterproof pouches by the register.  I didn’t pick one up, so I can’t speak to the quality (not sure I would trust my phone in it). Has anyone used one? How was it?

Do you have any other Dollar Tree items that you use on your travels? I’d love to hear! Let me know down in the comments below!