Life Update

How have ya been? Really been? Let’s talk about it!

I didn’t want to just jump into new content without giving you guys a quick update on what’s been going on in my life. So, the first part of this week’s video is a little bit about how things have been for the past couple of years since I posted a YouTube video last.

Cruise Planner

But now for something a little more exciting!

I’ve written two cruise travel planners!

The first travel planner is an overall cruise planner. It has enough planning pages for four cruises with lined notebook pages in the back for notes and/or travel journaling.

The second planner is an Alaska-specific planner (which I hope to be using for myself in the fall!) which is enough space for one Alaskan adventure.

They both include many of the same pages with the Alaska one having maps, tips, and packing items specific to an Alaskan cruise.

Some of the planner pages included are:

  • Itinerary overview for quick reference which includes port name, time in port, and any planned activities or excursions
  • Cruise countdown calendar
  • Budget page to keep track of all expenses
  • Pre-travel checklist and week planner
  • Pre-travel things to do and shopping list
  • Gender-neutral packing list
  • Pre-cruise travel arrangements – flight, hotel, and car service
  • All onboard reservations at a glance including shore excursions, dining reservations, spa, salon, etc.
  • Daily planners for each day of your cruise, enough for up to a 10-day cruise
  • And more!

If you want to see a complete overview of both planners, check out my video on YouTube!

Let me know what is next on your cruising schedule! What’s the port you’re most excited about visiting?