Our journey to this cabin was a wild ride! After originally choosing a guaranteed balcony cabin (which guarantees you a neighborhood view) on the Harmony of the Seas, we were assigned a boardwalk view balcony cabin located right above Sabor. However, we tested the fates and went for a RoyalUp upgrade.

Our upgrade attempts didn’t work out in the beginning, but we only offered the bare minimum in our upgrade bid. After talking it over (and once the other members of our traveling party had been upgraded to an ocean view balcony cabin), we decided to up our bid and we received an upgrade the next day to Cabin 12672!

Harmony of the Seas Balcony 12672 Cabin Tour

Was the upgrade worth it?

For us, yes! The cost of our guaranteed balcony cabin rate plus what we paid for an upgrade was still less than the price we would have paid to book this cabin originally. I call that a win! But, like in all things, it was a risk we took. I would have been perfectly happy with our boardwalk balcony cabin, but the upgrade was just a happy bonus to our vacation!

Harmony of the Seas Cabin 12672 Side Table

How was the layout?

The layout was much better than any ship I’ve been on recently. Most cabins have that long hallway when you first walk in where all the closets are on one side and the bathroom is on the other. I appreciated how the cabin was more open. It wasn’t bigger size-wise than the other balcony cabins we had been in, but the open entryway made it feel that way!

Harmony of the Seas Balcony 12672

The Bathroom? Tell me it didn’t have a fabric shower curtain!

IYKYK, right? That icky feeling when the tube of a shower has that fabric shower curtain that constantly sticks to you while you’re showering! Ugh! You’ll be happy to hear that it had a door. The bathroom also felt spacious and I didn’t feel like I had to squeeze into a corner to use the restroom!

Harmony of the Seas Balcony 12672 Bathroom

Work Surfaces and Outlets?

Harmony of the Seas Balcony 12672 Vanity/Desk

If you are in need of a work surface with places to plug in all your electronics, you’ll be happy to hear that there were lots of outlets located at the vanity/desk area. There were three US plugs, one European plug, and two USB charging ports. We have a travel plug outlet with multiple plugs that I use to charge camera equipment, phones, and watches, but I feel like I could have done without it on this cruise.

Side Note: The hair dryer was located in the top right drawer of this cabinet.

Harmony of the Seas Balcony 12672 Outlets

There was also one plug near the bed to charge your phone or for an alarm clock.

Harmony of the Seas Balcony 12672 Bed

Would I recommend this cabin on the Harmony of the Seas?

Absolutely, yes! It was located on Deck 12 convenient to the elevators and Wonderland. It was far enough away from the bars and restaurants to be a quiet location but not completely inconvenient to get anywhere. We never heard any commotion from anything happening on the pool deck or boardwalk. We never even heard super loud parties on the Promenade that you could hear throughout the ship. It was also a walkable distance by stairs to the buffet, pools, and activities.

What was my favorite part of the cabin?

The balcony of course! You can’t beat waking up to that ocean view!

Harmony of the Seas Cabin 12672 Balcony View
Harmony of the Seas Cabin 12672 Balcony

Want to see a complete overview of Cabin 12672 on the Harmony of the Seas? Check out my video over on YouTube!

Are you planning a cruise on the Harmony of the Seas? Have any questions that I might be able to answer? Let me know in the comments below!

Harmony of the Seas 12672 Cabin Tour Pin Image