On our recent cruise to the western Mediterranean on board the MSC Divina, we stayed in a balcony cabin. Our cabin was 13075 which is a balcony stateroom category B2 and is part of the Fantastica package. It was on the Cupido deck (deck 13) and was conveniently located right under the pool deck (deck 14 – Afrodite). It connected to cabin 13073 which was the same, except the floor plan was flipped.

This cabin had a typical balcony cabin layout with the bathroom on the right as you enter the room and the closets to the left. Once you enter, the bed was to your left and there was a full length mirror on the wall to your right along with the door to the connecting room. Lastly, there was a sofa on the right nearest to the balcony and a vanity area on the left. The balcony door was a sliding door that was easier to operate than some we’ve encountered and the balcony had two sitting chairs and a footstool.

The bathroom did have a different feature with the shower doors folding in to give you more room in the bathroom when the shower was not in use. Nice!

Overall, it was a great room — spacious and clean. No complaints from this cruiser!