On our recent cruise on the Norwegian Bliss, we had the 3-dinner specialty dining package. We enjoyed our meal at Los Lobos on the Norwegian Sun so much that we decided to give it a go again on the Norwegian Bliss!

I pretty much ate the same gluten free things that I had on the Sun, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the other things on their amazing menu!


Speaking of the menu, here is a pic of the menu from the Norwegian Sun.

If you want to see other menus from Norwegian specialty dining restaurants, you can click here to see my blog post featuring all the menus of the restaurants on the NCL Sun.


We had tableside guacamole again (of course!) and the tortilla soup.

Tortilla Soup
Tortilla Soup


For entrees, I have pictures of the Burrito Rojo, the Carne Asada steak, and the Stuffed Poblanos.

Burrito Rojo
Carne Asada Steak
Stuffed Poblanos


For sides, we all got rice, beans and street corn.

Rice and Beans
Street Corn


I didn’t take a picture of the dessert menu at Los Lobos on the Sun, because well frankly, I don’t remember them offering us dessert. I don’t know if it’s because they served us a birthday cake instead, but I just don’t remember there being a dessert menu. At any rate, here’s a pic of the dessert menu.

On this trip, I was able to get the Helados (housemade ice cream). I got the Ibarra Chocolate ice cream with the Dulce de Leche sauce. Everyone else at the table got the Tres Leches Cake.

Ibarra Chocolate Ice Cream
Tres Leches Cake

As with the Sun, our food was great. The service was extremely slow (to the point where the restaurant manager came around to make sure anyone wasn’t missing a show), but even the best places can have a bad night. We didn’t let it spoil our evening! I would still go back in a heartbeat!

Have you ever eaten at Los Lobos on a Norwegian ship? Let me know what your favorite dish was in the comments below!