One would think that the last thing a person who gets terribly seasick, will sleep for days if not woken up by daybreak, and has a bit of claustrophobia should do is book an inside cabin. But, that’s exactly what I did on our most recent (and first!) cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines on the Escape!

Spoiler alert – I really liked it!

Those were actually my three fears — that I would (1) get much more seasick than usual, (2) feel closed in, and (3) feel weird not being able to see outside.

My first concern, seasickness, was my main concern. Actually, since our cabin was in the middle of the ship (right next to the elevators), I didn’t feel the ship movement nearly as much as I have in balcony and outside cabins. I would actually recommend it to my fellow seasick-ers. Try it — you may just like it better!

In actuality, I didn’t feel like I was squashed into a terribly small space at all. The room was well laid out, and I thought there was plenty of room for just myself and my husband. The bathroom actually felt bigger than some of the other cabins (even balconies) that we’ve stayed in in the past. Our travel agent did mention that this was one of the bigger inside cabins on the ship, but this is the only inside that I’ve ever stayed in. So, I don’t feel like I have enough information to either confirm or deny that statement.

It did feel weird throughout the week not being able to see outside. You could always turn on the television and see the forward camera, but it wasn’t the same as the morning sun streaming through your window welcoming the day. 🙂 Also, when you turned off the lights in the cabin, it was DARK! If you’ve got an early excursion, you better set an alarm! I did miss being able to hear the waves outside, but it was amazingly quiet in our room. I never heard our neighbors or (most importantly) any noise coming from the elevators. The one advantage to the dark and the quiet was I got some great nights sleep!

In all honesty, we wanted to make this cruise as economical as possible, so we went with an inside cabin. Little did I know how much I was actually going to like it!

Which cabin category do you prefer? Let me know down in the comments!